Early Calfornia Art
The Early California art movement generally spans from the late 1800's to the 1940's. Inspired by Europe's impressionists of the time, a group of artists and conservationists represented with California as their French countryside. Where Paris had their Monet and Cezanne, the Golden State countered with Payne, Bierstadt, Wilkinson Smith, and others.

Gounod's Story
Gounod Romandy was born at San Diego's Hotel Del Coronado in 1893. Son of a recent Hungarian immigrant and musician, Romandy grew up immersed in the arts. At the age of six he was already mentioned in newspapers as a child prodigy with the violin, later joining the Early California impressionist painting movement.

The Giclee Printing Process
Giclee printing is far beyond an "art reproduction". It begins with a high-resolution scan of the original painting, capturing every color depth and brush stroke. Millions of droplets of special ink create the image, making it the closest thing to the original possible. Unlike a poster, Giclee is designed to maintain color saturation for at least 100 years.