The Art of Gounod Romandy
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Acid-free paper or canvas.

High Sierras

Mammoth Lakes Region


Laguna Beach and Carmel Areas


Palm Springs and Los Angeles Area



Still Life

Early California Home


Museum-grade art from California's Golden Age.

  • Young Gounod

    An accomplished violinist as a child, Romandy built a legacy in both Early California painting and music. While playing at all the famous theaters throughout 1920's Los Angeles, Gounod took up impressionist painting under the tutelage of J. Bond Francisco.

  • Painting 1930's California

    California in the 1930’s was a land of natural beauty. From the roaring Pacific Coast to vibrant desert and Sierra mountains - this was Gounod Romandy’s palette. He played violin for Disney Studios for a decade while taking up impressionist painting, hanging out with the likes of Jack Wilkinson Smith, Paul Grimm, and Edgar Payne.

  • From Gounod's Originals to Your Wall

    Gounod’s sudden passing in 1942 left virtually all his paintings in family hands, unseen by the art world until now. We use museum-grade print processes that take a high-resoltion scan of the original painting, recreating every brush stroke and color.

  • Visit Gounod's Gallery

    Gounod's art comes alive with the giclee process on museum-grade art paper and canvas, framed and matted, or just the print. Gallery Link

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A California Story: Gounod Romandy

Musician in Early Hollywood and Visual Artist.

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